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An Economic Opportunity for Livingston County

Livingston County, KY

Mantle Rock Solar is a 65 MW solar project being developed by Enerfin Renewables of Charlottesville, Virginia. Located in Livingston County, Kentucky, this facility will power over 39,000 homes with clean, Kentucky-made energy. Throughout the course of this project, over $2 million of tax revenue will go towards local schools, roads, and other services. 



39 K

2 M


MW Generated

Homes Powered

Local Tax Revenue

New Construction Jobs


About Mantle Rock Solar

Exploring Solar Panels

Kentucky-Made Energy

Mantle Rock Solar is a 65 MW facility that is expected to generate enough homegrown Kentucky energy to power approximately 39,000 homes per year.

Solar Panels Technician

Economic Benefits

Mantle Rock Solar offers over $2 million in tax revenue for Livingston County school districts, roads, emergency responders, and other local services.

Solar Panels and Planting the Future

Job Opportunities

Mantle Rock Solar will create over 100 new temporary Construction jobs during the 9-12 month period and long-term Operations jobs over the life of the project.



Enerfin Renewables, headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, is actively developing wind and solar projects across the United States. We provide full service project development from greenfield prospecting and early-stage acquisitions, through construction and long-term ownership and operations. 


Our development focuses on partnering with local communities to realize successful renewable energy projects and delivering low-cost, reliable clean energy to the market.

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